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How it started

Hi there, I'm Mike. After encountering my first Sarplaninac about 15 years ago, I knew right away that they were something special. It set me on a path to discover more about them and eventually, own multiple dogs myself. This website was created to help showcase this breed and be a source of information and resources to the community.

I'm committed to being a steward of the breed and presenting information that is true. I've done extensive research on Sarplaninac and have a lot of first hand experience handling these dogs. With few reputable breeders here in North America, I have also vetted and can recommend a few to those interested.

The Sarplaninac

We think that Sarplaninac are as beautiful as they are majestic. Whether working to protect a flock, or a companion and guardian of the family, each Sarplaninac has their own unique personality. This gallery is a place where we like to showcase some of these amazing dogs.

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Sarplaninac next to an alpine lake with a mirror-like reflection | Photo by @adventuresoflucasboy
Portrait of a Sarplaninac | Photo by @adventuresoflucasboy
Portrait of a Sarplaninac on a mountain top | Photo by @adventuresoflucasboy
Portrait of a Sarplaninac on a mountain top at sunset | Photo by @adventuresoflucasboy
Portrait of a Sarplaninac in the snow | Photo by @adventuresoflucasboy

Plans for
the future

Our plan is to keep creating useful and enjoyable content for the community and eventually create an online shop for Sarplaninac related products, with a portion of profits going to aid dogs in need. Stay tuned as the website grows and support our mission to educate and empower.

Portrait of Mike Lopez and his Sarplaninac, Lucas, in a grove of golden leafed Aspen trees
“Dogs make my life complete and give me more purpose”
- Mike Lopez.

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