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When it comes to packing for an upcoming trip, one thing I never want to forget is my dog’s food. I also used to just fill up a plastic bag with a couple day’s worth of food and hope it didn’t burst open in transit and spill or get stale. I noticed his food would smell plastic-y when I would fix his meal, and never loved the fact that those bags would only last a couple trips. That all changed when I received the Wilderdog Doggie Bag.

Lucas enjoying some food from his Wilderdog Backpacking Bowl

Finding a bag that I can store multiple days worth of food (for a 150lb. dog), while also keeping it fresh was a big bonus. It’s made of durable material and has a roll-top opening to help keep things secure. I’ve been in love with this bag since the first time I used it. 

With the roll-top opening, that also helped keep dust from the road out of the food. We occasionally find ourselves on some dusty trails while on adventures, and when the windows are down, there is a layer of dirt on everything when we make it to camp. Another plus is that it doesn’t have that smell of plastic that I would get when using your typical gallon ziplock bag, and I think Lucas appreciates that as well. 

Inside the Wilderdog Doggie Bag

Along with the Doggie Bag food storage sack, they include a metal cup to help portion out the meals that holds a little more than a cup of food. We opted to buy the Wilderdog’s Backpacking Bowl when we got the Doggie Bag and they have been a perfect pair. With a little carabiner, we attach the bowl to the food bag and the two are always together when meal time comes. 

Wrapped up and ready to go

It’s been nice to have this awesome bag for our travels and I can attest to its durability from our adventures. The Wilderdog Doggie Bag is a great item to have if you get outdoors with your dog for overlanding/camping trips or if you travel together often! We have had this bag for a few years now and it still performs very well.

If you are interested in checking out Wilderdog and some of their other products, visit their website at We are not affiliated or paid by Wilderdog, we just love and stand by their products.


Having a solid bag to carry your dog’s food while traveling is huge. With the Wilderdog’s Doggie Bag food storage sack, I’m able to keep Lucas’ food fresh, and also store enough food to let us be on the road for multiple days at a time. It’s a durable bag, that pairs perfectly with their Backpacking Bowl, to keep you light on your travels without sacrificing for your furry friend.

Photo of the Wilderdog Doggie Bag and Backpacking Bowl for dogs | Photo by @adventuresoflucasboy